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Razor barbed wire

Item No.: 8008
Razor barbed wire mesh is also named razor barbed wire or concertina barbed wire. It is a new type mesh fence which is made by hot dip galvanized stainless steel plate. It is good protective properties protective as metal construction materials is the mos
good quality with cheap price concertina razor wire
Outside Diameter No.of Loops
Standard Length per Coil Type Notes
450 mm 33 8m CBT-65 Single coil
500 mm 41 10m CBT-65 Single coil
700 mm 41 10m CBT-65 Single coil
960 mm 53 13m CBT-65 Single coil
500 mm 102 16m BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
600 mm 86 14m BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
700 mm 72 12m BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
800 mm 64 10m BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
960 mm 52 9m BTO-10.15.22 Cross type